5 Reasons To Visit The Mandalay Bay Hotel In Las Vegas

mandalay bay
Capturing relaxation is all I really need from a vacation so I could easily spend all day in bed at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Sure, a spa treatment …

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3 Places To Say "I Do" In Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a great place to get married because it is easy and inexpensive to commit to someone in front of a person that can make it official, just don’t do it after midnight with someone you just met. Getting married outdoors is also a real good alternative and there are no shortages of chapels on the Las Vegas strip. However, where do you go to propose marriage? What one spot will make it very special when you ask your very own special someone to marry you? I have a few ideas…Read More

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5 Things Everyone Is Asking About Las Vegas

vegas downotwn sign
Everyday I answer questions about Las Vegas from readers around the world looking to maximize their time in on the strip. It is probably the best part of my job. The ability to help people find the right things to do or to customize their Las Vegas vacation is the icing on the cake to an already unbelievable job that has me sampling food from the best chefs in the world, experiencing world class entertainment and relaxing with endless spa treatments! Let’s not forget all the great hotels, the hand crafted cocktails and the tours and excursions that make up the plethora of things to do in Las Vegas and you can guess that I am the luckiest guy in the world…Read more

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The Best Pool in Las Vegas?

Caesars PoolMy idea of the best pool in Las Vegas is usually the place where I feel very fuzzy late in the afternoon and I struggle to get out of my lounge chair. The sun shines the entire day, the drinks come regularly and they have some decent food so I never have to leave the edge of the water. Of course I concern myself with the people who spend time in the water and the length of time I can float on some inflatable raft without getting blasted by a cannonball, but it’s really about how close I can come to forgetting most everything and really relax.

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Hungry? The Guide to Food in Las Vegas

Tetsu at Aria Las Vegas

I will not waste your time with flowery language about the passing of seasons and the introduction of new ingredients and the transformation that is going on inside the kitchens …

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You, Me And A Virtual Tour Of Las Vegas

vegas sign
Welcome to Las Vegas. I love the sign. I love the feeling of landing on the Las Vegas strip with so much excitement and anticipation. I love the feeling of walking in to a casino and listening the sounds of bells and sirens and people getting excited about rolling a hard eight. I love the faint smell of cigarette or the way the free drinks burn my throat. I love the way the music in the clubs throb in my chest. I love the cool feel of the water as I step into a swimming pool. I love the smell of a good burger washed down with a good beer at a Las Vegas bar.

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