Paris Deal – Hot Rates 2016

Rates from: $59 per night

Hot Rates and Steamy Show

• Get 20% off room rates
• Room rates starting from $59

The rates aren’t the only thing in Paris that’s hot. Yes, this sale is sizzling with rates starting from only $59, but the new adult show, 53X, is scorching hot. When taking advantage of this super sale, be sure to buy tickets to this fun and sexy show. 53X is from the producers of the wildly popular Chippendales adult show. This show is a little edgier, with sexually captivating male and female dancers. The stage host, Shangela of RuPaul’s Drag Race, adds a spicy flavor to the mix. The French are known for their steamy sexual culture, so Paris’ 53X show is right at home. Ooh-là-là!

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